A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

About :

Retina is a third person interactive fiction where you incarnate Christina, a young blind girl. Follow the objectives until you reach the end of this short visual story. Don't be afraid to be lost in the dark.


Developed for keyboard and Xbox controller. You can put your mouse away while not in the Main Menu or the In-Game Menu. Check out this last one while playing for more information.

Technical Information

Chosen language

  • The voice of the protagonist can only be heard in French for the moment.
  • For English speakers : toggle "English" on in the In-Game Menu in order to translate the objectives. Subtitles or newly recorded voice intended for a future release.

Screen resolutions tested for the UI :

  • 1920x1080
  • 1280x960
  • 1280x800
  • 1280x720
  • 800x600

Possible bugs

  • Although the joystick commands were tested, there might be still some configuration to do.
  • Graphic glitches in MacOS version may occur.

Install Instructions

  1. Download .zip folder of the chosen platform
  2. Unpack
  3. Run .exe / .app / .x86_64

Our Team

Ferenc Sáfrány-Kovalik - Scenario, Programming, 3D character modelling, 3D animation, Sound effects, Particle effects

Odona Bernard - Character design, Location design, Concept art, 2D animation, Particle effects

Victor Mollard La Bruyère - 3D location modelling, 3D animation, Special effects, Voice recording

Special Thanks To

All our teachers at ESA Saint-Luc at Brussels

Maja Maklakiewicz for the music

Louise Mollard La Bruyère for the voice of Christina


Retina_Win.zip 271 MB
Retina_Linux.zip 273 MB
Retina_MacOS.app.zip 274 MB


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A. Have to retoggle english after every stage.

B. Camera and Character continuously fight over who decides focus, making navigation more of a hassle than it should be.

C. just an observation, but her blindfold suggests that she's gone through eye-surgery and has to wait for her eyes to heal.